Landscape Maintenance

Even "low-maintenance" landscapes require basic care to look their best. Turf Masters crews can help with some or all of your gardening chores. Our landscape maintenance services include: pruning and deadheading, watering, fertilizing, container gardening, planting bed maintenance, top dressing, mulch, annuals and bulbs.

Landscaping services Iowa City, IA

Spring Clean-up

Our hard-working and efficient crews will whip your landscape into shape! Services include planting bed clean-up, weeding, spring pruning, cutting back perennials, re-mulching, preen installation, sod repair, and paver re-sanding.

Fall Clean-up

Proper landscape care and maintenance ensures your landscape will come back healthy and strong after the long cold winter. Services include planting bed clean-up, wrapping of vulnerable trees and plantings, removal of annuals, fall/winter container gardens, planting spring bulbs, shrub pruning, and dividing/thinning perennials. We are also available for a garden consultation and/or planning for next season.